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Pelabuhan wisataTo visit the Tanjung Puting National Park there is only one way of using the boat through the river past Sekonyer Kumai. Then your tour will start from the district where the district Kumai. Kumai is part of the West Kotawaringin District, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian State. Kumai is populated outskirts of the river that reside on the outskirts of the river here there are many the harbor’s small community and there is also a tourist port is served by a local authority. Once you arrive at Pangkalan Bun Airport then we will go directly to Kumai about 20 minutes by car, after arriving at Kumai journey started from a small port where the boat mooring / kelotok. We’ll go down the river with a great Kumai river width of approximately 1000m. Here we will see a lot of iron ships and boats a traditional boat made of wood and we also see the houses that is around the riverside Kumai.

After boatting about 20 minutes then we will enter a small stream that will go `to the Tanjung Puting National Park, this river by local people called Sekonyer rivers, broad river between 30-50 m wide. The history of this river is called the river Sekonyer on Dutch colonial in Indonesia was in this river there is a Dutch ship that sank at the mouth of this river the name of his ship is SEKUNIR, then because the local brogue, until now the river is on call “Sekonyer River” from the estuary This river we will see on the outskirts of the river which by palm trees and we will see many anglers who were fishing shrimp with traditional small boat and if we are lucky along this river we can see wild orangutans, which were foraging in a tree Nipah and also will see the alligator – crocodile that arise on the riverbank. After walking about an hour down the river Sekonyer we will arrive at a place called the TANJUNG HARAPAN, in this place there is a police checkpoint from the forest, here we will cease to report at the checkpoint to enter the area of ​​Tanjung Puting National Park. And here too there is a place for rehabilatasi orangutans. Providing food for orangutans in this location is done in the afternoon around 3 pm and the tour we will stop here. Across the Cape of Good Hope is a village Sekonyer here there is a place where villages and there is a small craft shop in this village.

The journey then proceed into river along this river we will encounter monkeys black and also Red Monkey is suspended in the trees and they will be more in the afternoon. Approximately 20 minutes into the upper Cape of Good Hope we will see PESALAT reforestation project. In this place is a complex of reforestation where if we walk about a kilometers from the edge of the river we will see a place for the nursery – trees to be planted back in the area of ​​Tanjung Puting National Park. About 40 minutes from PESALAT we will find a place again called PONDOK TANGGUI. Here also is one of the places where rehabilitation orangutan. Orangutans feeding is done at 9 am. And place of eating about 15-20 minutes walk.

Then, about 45 minutes from PONDOK TANGGUI we will find two rivers where the river Sekonyer at the tip will be divided into two, go to the left will go to a place called “aspai” while the right will go to Camp Leakey. But before getting to Camp Leakey about 10 minutes into the crossing we will find another place called PONDOK AMBUNG here is also one of the rehabilitation of orangutans. 15 minutes from here we will arrive at the last camp is Camp Leakey, in this camp there is settlement of the staff and also the information all information about orangutan rehabilitation in Tanjung Puting National Park area. Here we will in escorted by staff from entering the forest to see wild orangutans feeding is performed on the stage. Feeding will be done at 2 pm if you want to have to do treking through the woods along the road then there will be orangutans that you have encountered and are also different kinds of trees  typical of tropical forest trees.

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