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Tanjung Puting

The colonial Dutch government gazetted an area of land now occupied by Tanjung Puting as two wildlife reserves in the late 1 930s. Their protection continued following Indonesia’s independence in 1949. The two protected areas were combined in 1978 to form the 305,000-hectare Tanjung Puting Wildlife Reserve, which was subsequently declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1981. With the help of the Canadian conservationist Biruté Galdikas it became a

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Orangutan Tours Package 2 days / 1 Night

TOUR PACKAGES ORANGUTAN Length: 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHTS Start / Finish: Pangkalan Bun Airport  DAY 01: AIRPORT Pangkalan Bun – KUMAI – CAMP LEAKEY TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK For travel OrangutanTour Tanjung Puting National Park with a duration of 2 days / 1 night you should already be in Pangkalan Bun / Kumai on the day of departure because Orangutan tours will start in the morning at 08.00AM. In

Borneo Tanjung Puting
Key Habitats and forest formations

While the majority of the park is covered by rainforest, variations in salinity soils and topography have created a number of distinct habitats and forest formations, each with its ovn characteristic flora and fauna. These are discussed below For a broader explanation of tropical forest ecology. Coastal forest Tanjung Puting’s southern shores are lined with forests dominated by Casuarina trees, coconuts and salt-tolerant creepers. These coastal forests are sparse and

Orangutan Borneo
Orangutan Conservation & Rehabilitation

ORANGUTAN CONSERVATION The Dutch conservationist Erik Meijaard once said, “Saving orangutans is easy: just don’t kill them or chop down their forests,” Indeed, orangutan conservation is not complicated: it is simply about protecting the forest habitat on which the species depend. At present only 36 per cent of Bornean orangutans live in protected areas. In Kalimantan only three populations with more than 1,000 individuals are protected-in Gunung Palung, Tanjung Puting

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Common Wildlife

Although peat swamps are riot the most biologically diverse environments, Tanjunq Puting has a relatively high level of biodiversity reflecting its size, the variety of its habitats and the high Iced of protection it has received during the last 70 years or so. There are more than 600 types of tree and 200 varieties of orchid. The birdlife is also impressive, with almost 250 species, five of which are endemic

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